Whodunnit? Preview

Whodunnit? Preview

Preview of the first episode of Whodunnit?

Cast Picture 2

Official Cast Photo Number Of Contestants: 16

Welcome to the official wiki of TPI's whodunnit? Season 1!


17 houseguests arrived at the Rue Manor. What they didn't know was that they would being playing for not only a quarter of a million dollars, but also thier lives. 

On day 1, the houseguests unpacked and got were getting comfortable. When they heard a scream, they all gathered downstairs. They heard a splash from the pool, and went to find a dead LeShawna. They were all terrified, but quickly, GIles, the butler, calmed them all down. They all had a chance to investigate one of the three areas; The Morgue, The Last Known Whereabouts, in the case LeShawna's room, and The Crime Scene, the pool. Two alliances quickly formed. Mike, Scott and Dakota were the first, and Harold, Bridgette, and Izzy were the second. They divided and conquered, and it seemed to pay off. They now had information from all three places. Afterwords, a riddle was tasked upon the contestants. After running around llike chickens with thier heads cut off, Mike and Dawn finally found the clue in the attic. During the first ever "State Your Case", Izzy impressed the killer the most, and was the first spared. Duncan, Anne Maria, and Eva were all scared.

On Day 2, Duncan and Eva were found dead. 

Cast and PlacingsEdit

The cast, and placings.
Picture Name Player Placing
LeShawna Gray


Jacob Horton


Died Day 1

Eva Gray
Eva rjgamer1000


Died Day 2

Duncan Gray
Duncan SuperBuffalo007


Died Day 2

Anne Maria Profioe
Anne Maria mcsideways
Bridgette Profile
Bridgette 2319mi
Dakota Profile
Dakota Mistervictoriy
Dawn Profile
Dawn eeveecutie321
Geoff Profile
Geoff Jack nJellify
Gwen Profile
Gwen DeeandEd
Harold Profile
Harold logmeister4
Izzt Profile
Izzy gopokemon121
Lightning Profile
Lightning TheDazman456
Lindsay Profile
Lindsay trelonbarrett123
Mike Profile
Mike 0hazzar0
Noah Profile
Noah SurvivorAnthony
Scott Profile
Scott TotalDramaLover1234
Sierra Profile
Sierra masterofflam

Scared or SparedEdit

Person Day 1 Day 2
Anne Maria Scared
Bridgette Spared
Dakota Spared
Dawn Spared
Geoff Spared
Gwen Spared
Harold Spared
Izzy Best
Lightning Spared
Lindsay Spared
Mike Spared
Noah Spared
Scott Spared
Sierra Spared
Duncan Scared Dead
Eva Scared Dead
LeShawna Dead 

Episode GuideEdit

Episode Name Dead Best State Your Case Scared
"Sinking Feeling" LeShawna Izzy

Anne Maria






The Killer is?Edit

Person Episode 1 Guess

Anne Maria

Bridgette Lightning
Dakota Mike
Dawn Mike
Geoff - - -
Gwen Izzy
Harold Mike
Izzy Gwen
Lightning Lindsay
Lindsay Lightning
Mike - - -
Noah Mike
Scott Bridgette
Sierra Harold
Duncan - - - Dead
Eva Anne Maria


LeShawna Dead